Ramservice production capacity

Production facilities of Ramservice SC

We have come very seriously to the issue of organizing production facilities, a fleet of test equipment and the organization of a spare parts warehouse. We have our own logistics department, which organizes sending and receiving laptops for repairs, from customers who are in other cities, and also this division supplies spare parts. We are constantly increasing our regional presence. To date, we have opened representative offices in many cities of Ukraine, and the number of representative offices is constantly growing.

Our advantages:


  • Professional equipment for repair, infrared soldering station “Thermopro 650” for BGA soldering chips, professional soldering stations for SMD soldering, professional oscilloscopes and programmers, laboratory power supplies, complex for data recovery from hard drives “PC-3000”,

  • A large staff of highly skilled masters, laptop and computer repair specialists

  • A logistics unit and regional offices that provide prompt shipping of parts, or the acceptance and delivery of laptops after repairs.