Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair:


  • Cleaning of the cooling system of the laptop;
  • Cleaning the notebook, after hitting him liquid (coffee, tea, juice, alcohol, etc.);
  • Replacement laptop displays, backlights, loops, inverters;
  • Repair of video cards;
  • Repair and replacement laptop keyboards, replacement of broken keys, sticky Cyrillic letters;
  • Repair and replacement of sockets (sockets) and the port, the repair of power units, replacement of batteries;
  • Replacement and upgrade the RAM, hard drives, optical drives (DVD, CD), processors;
  • Soldering BGA chips (exchange of video and other chips) on the professional equipment company “TERMOPRO”;
  • Upgrading notebooks.

PC Repair:


  • Repair of system units;
  • Repair, replacement and modernization of components;
  • Repair and replacement of the connectors, ports and power supplies;
  • Treatment of computer viruses;
  • Restoration of the information on the hard drives and portable digital media (USB flash drive, memory card);
  • soldering BGA chips (GPU replacement and other chips);
  • PC Cleaning.

PC Cleaning:

Many people are skeptical put to cleaning the inside of the notebook or PC. Nobody wants to some important point your laptop is broken or just stopped working. To avoid this you need to periodically clean the inside of your PC or laptop.

This procedure should be regular, and an average of 1 time per year. During operation, a laptop or PC is a continuous heat dissipation from the processor and graphics card. This heat dissipation is due to the presence of thermocouple (thermal grease and thermal spacers), which improve heat transfer. Over time these elements are dry lose their properties, because of this deteriorates the central computer cooling systems.

As a result of this operation is overheating and failure of your computer (burn video chips, video cards, bridges, etc.). And the cost of replacing these chips often cost 1800 UAH and more. Do not forget the time brushed laptop – the key to your peace of mind.

Hardware and software cleaning:

  • Clean dust and dirt from the cooling and ventilation systems (the device being disassembled into parts);
  • Replacing the heat conductive paste on the CPU, chipset and graphics processor;
  • Lubricate the cooling fan;
  • ОCleaning the operating system from temporary files, registry keys;
  • Updating or restoring the device drivers;
  • Installing and configuring antivirus software;
  • Removing of viruses, adware;
  • Accelerating your computer.

In the photo below, you can see what the situation inside the notebook, if it is not cleaned one year. Dust, lint, hair – all together creates a layer of felt like. This significantly reduces ventilation and cooling of the laptop. The laptop starts making noise, because the fan speed increases to cool the system. Over time, the cooling system ceases to perform its function, after which the processor is overheated, which may damage the laptop.

Laptop cleaning